laida ‘xavi’ aguirre

symposium participation:

Laida ‘Xavi’ Aguirre is an architectural designer and director of stock-a-studio. Interested in the circulation of materials and commodities, their research focuses on the way our built environment is affected by the politics of aesthetics, logistics and media. Their work conceives of architecture as a temporary assembly of materials in service of the everyday event. Laida is currently an assistant professor of architecture at the University of Michigan’s Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, where they were the 2017-18 William Muschenheim Fellow. They hold a BA from Northeastern University in Political Science and a Master’s of Architecture from California State Polytechnic Pomona, where they were awarded the Richard Neutra Award for Best Graduate Thesis. Laida’s research and design work has been exhibited at Storefront for Art and Architecture, Materials & Applications, Milan Architecture Week, A+D Museum, Berlin Art Week and Oya in Oslo, and has been published in E-flux, Pin-Up Magazine, POOL and Art Papers. Currently, they have projects in Los Angeles and Berlin.



intro    06:00 - 06:10    intro: dean jonathan masseylaida aguirre
speaker  06:10 - 06:35    michael wang
speaker  06:35 - 07:00    nicholas korody
speaker  07:00 - 07:25    heather davis
break    07:25 - 07:30    break
keynote  07:30 - 08:30    keller easterling
panel    08:30 - 09:15    q&a: presenters + ann lui


intro    11:00 - 11:10    intro: laida aguirre
speaker  11:10 - 11:35    postnatural studies institute
speaker  11:35 - 12:05    new affiliates
speaker  12:05 - 12:30    seetal solanki
break    12:30 - 12:40    sofia pia belenki
keynote  12:40 - 01:40    jack halberstam
panel    01:40 - 02:30    q&a: presenters + meredith miller